Saturday, September 24, 2005


Destabilizers always shout Katotohanan, but...

The opportunist communists and their splinter groupings, the elected politicians, and much-vaunted civil society are caterwauling rather loudly over Martial Law that does not exist and will never exist in the country. It may not exist, they say, but it is creeping... it’s a Creeping Martial Law. Next time, what will it be? These creative idiots savant are never lacking in new, novel word coinages. At least for their own benefit but always at the expense of the entire nation.

The question is : Does it give them enormous benefits? spiritual satisfaction? or else staggering amounts of money in return? Perhaps it does, if they are able to get really big financial sponsors and - or benefactors. Not so, if the potential sponsors are running away from them as in now. Or sources of funds are being depleted ─ as in drug lords linked to Lacson and Jude, Jinggoy Ejercito are being arrested left and right, drug laboratories are being dismantled and drug trafficking syndicates are being neutralized during the watch of President Arroyo. This most certainly could not have happened during the time of Mrs. Aquino whose own son, Noynoy Aquino hobnobs with a fairly large number of these characters involved in illegal businesses. Most of them being originally Fujian natives, from Southern China. South China is reported by U.S. DEA to be the source of more than 70% of the total volume of illegal drugs (shabu) that enter the Philippines.

What is wrong with a creeping Martial Law if the purveyors of destabilization have become too desperate and had gone berserk that their plotting since 2001 to kill President Arroyo just might be pushed to its conclusion in the near future by their sinister and grim determination to arm themselves to the teeth and launch a bloody uprising against the government and the people?

Pray tell, what is wrong with putting in place measures that will prevent that from happening?

If any ordinary Filipino will be asked, whether he would personally tolerate a large group of nincompoops that have suddenly become armed from a huge cache of firearms in the country that even those like Denky Soliman and Mrs. Cory will be brandishing guns in the streets and challenging the government to finally surrender? With war freak, former Constabulary deep penetration spy, Jejomar Binay, leading the pack and Ilongga firebrand Jesusa Sonora Poe by his side?

For certain, Cong. Noynoy Aquino and his young friends in the underworld and other worlds who have an undying fascination and borderline psychotic obsession for high powered guns will try to put their constant gun firing practices now into test. They could potentially even be the first ones to pull the trigger on very heavy caliber and high powered imported guns or remove the safety from grenades for all we know.

Imagine someone like Sen. Aquilino Pimentel who speaks like a sissy and Sen. Lacson who couldn’t fire a gun due to nervousness (and uncertain gender) long after he left the Philippine Military Academy agitatedly dancing with high powered rifles. These mongrels are a disgrace to all of us. Imagine the renegade Bishops, a la Nicaragua, also posing with guns in their hands, hips, etc.

Ever wonder why they are shouting at the top of their lungs for katotohanan? Ever think for a second: why the name BE NOT AFRAID? Why it seemed so easy for the group of Cory to meld with that of Sen. Panfilo Lacson? It is them who want Martial Law, if and when they will be able to successfully grab the power. That is why they are being brainwashed into not becoming afraid. Afraid of what? Of being given a firearm to fire at government’s public servants who oppose and will continue to oppose their acts of destabilization. Not afraid most of all of taking over the government by the use of violence, by promoting anarchy and finally declaring Martial Law themselves.

And that they should never be afraid to push through with the smear, delegitimization, demonization campaign, that seeks to destroy the image of government before they start shooting. So that when they fire their guns, people will think they are justified for doing so.

And so there is nary any appeal for peace. No one is saying let us put a stop the violence. Because they are poised now to ram violence into the population. Because at the end of the day, they will all come out as arms-wielding caballeros, zorros, gauchos, these stupid freaks and in the guise of saving the republic, will arrogate the power of government unto themselves.

Lest we are all being lulled into acceptance, let us begin fighting them now before their guns arrive and in their hands the guns give them an illusion of strength and power. Remember, little knowledge in an armed fool makes him doubly dangerous.

Let us all pray and at the same time, act in concert against the ambitious and coldbloodedly ruthless forces of destabilization. With the might of the majority of society, it will not be difficult to exert pressure upon the destabilization group. As truly evil as they are, the good will still triumph. Especially if we begin now.

Let us bring them down now!

Let us put real fear in their cold hearts!

Let us not give them an iota of chance!

Let us come together in pinning them to strait jackets or prison cells where they rightfully belong!

Let us destroy the destabilization forces, terrorists, before they ruin the country and the future of all our children!!!



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