Saturday, August 06, 2005


Scourge of Sane Society

It only happens in the Philippines. A drug dealer, chinese national Michael Uy a/k/a Jimmy Wong Aquino, posing with his protector, a hopeless drug addict from San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines --- Jude Ejercito, the very son of President Jose Marcelo Ejercito a/k/a Joseph Estrada.


Michael Uy's warehouses and makeshift methamphetamine hydrochloride laboratories, as well as his various residences, were raided by Philippine National Police - PNP. Possibly due to connections in the PNP, Michael Uy always managed to elude arrest. However, volumes of illegal drugs and other prohibited substances were seized during those raids, proving that Michael Uy is deeply involved in drug trafficking and even to a certain extent, manufacture.

His fellow chinese nationals involved in the same illegal trade were arrested instead.

Later, Michael Uy / Jimmy Wong Aquino was arrested by intelligence operatives after being proven to be the same person who "hijacked" more or less 2,000 kitchen LPG fueled stoves worth several millions. The owner of those stoves is Hanabishi.

Through the abovesaid drug lord's connections in the Immigration bureau and the son of the President, he managed to have himself taken into the custory of Immigration. The drug trafficker's friends gave the ruse that Michael did not have any valid papers for staying in the country and therefore must be deported back to China.

Michael disappeared after that and went underground. He had not been apprehended once more.

In the picture below, Michael is posing happily with the Chief of the Philippine National Police --- PNP.

It is no wonder that Michael is hard to find.


In the south of Manila, in the City of Tacloban, located in the Visayas, the mother of Michael Uy a/k/a Jimmy Wong Aquino (below) poses with a huge smile on her face, with the incumbent President of the Republic of the Philippines himself, His Excellency Jose Marcelo Ejercito a/k/a Joseph Estrada.


The Philippines desperately needs to be rescued from these people who are purveying narcopolitics in the country today.

The reason why they want to return to power is that their forces have been decimated and their resources have been seriously disturbed --- to say the least --- by the government under HE PGMA.

Even some of their allies in the United States Embassy have been kicked out of their positions unceremoniously. But the remainder of their US Embassy based clique still remain.

These people could still afford to offer U.S. VISAS particularly to those who can help them further their destabilization objectives.

God and all the enemies of illegal drugs help us!

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Photos are courtesy of the National Capital Region, Philippine National Police's Regional Intelligence Special Operations Office. All recovered in a series of raids in the year 2001.

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