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Cory Aquino? Leader?

Blowin' in the Wind

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.....

The opposition made a huge blunder when they embraced ex-Pres. Corazon Aquino to be one of the leading lights of the ouster campaign vs. Pres. Arroyo.

Mrs. Aquino has a highly checkered past. She milked contractors twenty times more than they were required by the late President to “shed off” extra fat and “spread the sunshine” to the Palace employees. (Marcos himself had no need for their money. He was rich beyond imagination.)

She bilked the Japanese loan agency’s development assistance to the Philippines to control floods. The loan amounted to billions and billions of yen. About U.S.$60,000,000 at the time. The Philippine peso was still relatively stronger at that period than it is now. The flood control “pumps” from Japan, were supposedly all delivered to the country.

So why are we still being plagued by flooding? And why did the succeeding administrations have to borrow again for flood control projects, when the Japanese project loan was intended for the flood control project that purported to end all other flood control activities? That’s most certainly a lot of bullsh__t.

She made the country enter into other transactions that merely favored her and those close to her.

Then Cory, through Malacañan Palace records and her Palace mice, discovered the secrets to insinuating herself to the Marcos wealth and placing herself in a favored position where she will be a beneficiary of her own kindness to self and relatives, friends, factotums (like her namesake Cory Juliano Soliman and company), loved ones and lovers — both dead and living. (In the instance of the last category, the family of a former Senate President, should carefully be watched out for. These people are based in Mandaluyong and they have a voice in Philippine politics. Cory would spend six hours in the guise of a “confidential closed door” meeting with one of their family, now departed in her Malacañan Palace residence during her incumbency. Imagine how close Cory would be to the family. And this was merely because of the objet d’art that was hung like a horse.)

Eventually Cory dealt with the Marcoses, through her lieutenants during her term as president. She signed agreements representing the government so that the Marcos deposits in Switzerland will be transferred to the Philippines beginning in 2002, then 2003, 2004, and so on.

She and her friends and relatives, loved ones who owed Marcos oodles and oodles of money (they had to kiss Madame Imelda Romualdez Marcos’ feet and her ass literally to get clean, crispy cash in millions supposedly in exchange for real estate Torrens Titles in Ortigas-Highway 54 was it?, titles for parcels of ‘prime’ property in the now world-famous Ayala commercial district, shares of stock of a television station and a utilities company, etcetera, etcetera), painted the Marcos family as evil before and after they had to be driven out of power, shares of stock in a telephone company, shares of stock in a dozen corporations including beverage firms and others. Because after all, if the Marcoses were driven out of Malacañan Palace, they had no one else to pay their debts to, yes Virginia?

When she signed the agreements on the transfer of the Marcos deposits, side agreements were made. These contained instructions to the bank to automatically transfer percentages to herself, Francisco Chavez (who was lawyering for the Philippine Government at the time) and a motley of other "commissioners". Someone who is now in the majority party and serving in the Senate may have been one of the beneficiaries.

The Philippine Senate President may also have been named as another beneficiary. Although this needs no serious verification since after all, the person alluded to was a Cabinet appointee of Madame Cory at the time she was president.

As if this was not enough, Cory Aquino spoke with the Swiss official negotiator of the concerned bank (s). She wanted the money to be posted first in a bank account of their choice before it was transferred to the Philippines.

Mrs. Imelda Marcos was following these developments closely. In a short time, while the agreements were already signed, the deal did not push through with. The Swiss balked at her impositions or suggestions – as it were.

Mrs. Aquino is not the only greedy one. Her brother went to Switzerland to withdraw the entire monetary value of at least one certificate of deposit of Marcos. He was imprisoned for several days for doing so.

Today, Aquino knows that the Marcos deposits might finally be opened and the contents thereof transferred to the country. Estrada tried and almost succeeded but perhaps the Marcoses could not have trusted the Estrada group completely.

The Americans had a stake on the deposits for a long time and Cory wants desperately to work with them. She and her relatives, friends, factotums, loved ones and lovers — both dead and living — see stars just imagining how much they would be able to amass once the deposits are transferred.

Cory’s insufferability extended to Ramos, who was so agog during his time to get his own hands too in the Marcoses’ deposits. Ramos even learned a secret fact that was never revealed heretofore, that two-thirds of the deposits are merely lying in wait in China.

Isn’t that part of the success story of China? We surmise that it is. And Cory is linked to China by her lineage. She must be banking on being able to talk to the Chinese people in the know in case she comes to power again.

It will be hard to refute that Cory and her lieutenants desire deeply to arrogate upon themselves the power to control the Marcos deposits. In which case, the solution to the current crisis may not remain hidden for long. It will soon go out in the open. Many will know about it and soon they will discuss it and transfer their knowledge to others.

Soon all around the world, they will know Cory and her gang want to hold hostage the entire Philippines due to her own, her relatives’ and her friends’, factotums’, loved ones’ and lovers’ — both dead and living, but specially the living — burning desire to collect their undeserved percentages from the Marcos deposits once the decision to transfer these funds will come out.

The Last Will and Testament of Marcos is clear: The deposits will accrue to the Filipino people. They should therefore avoid Cory like a plague. Her gang's present campaign is to destabilize the government, to demonize it and delegitimize the government under H.E. The President.

Everywhere all over the world there is corruption. There is poison. However, in the case of the Philippines, we can never become like the older democracies because of people like Cory Aquino.

She can never even come to accept the truth that the late Ferdinand Marcos actually and in truth chose Sen. Benigno Aquino to be his successor. That is why Marcos was sending U.S.$100,000 every time for Ninoy to withdraw when Ninoy was in Boston, Massachusetts. He would use pay phones to call Marcos and never land lines so no one will know their connection.

Cory will never admit that she dug U.S.$4.62 billion of precious metal hidden by the late President inside a large dam in Metro Manila with the much-vaunted Fort Santiago gold diggings as a decoy. She used the Presidential Security Group as security guards. She used the National Security Council as social welfare workers distributing sardines, corned beef, water and other necessities to the people who were literally living on their rooftops because Cory’s gold digging had to flood communities because the huge dam had to be closed. Cory even had to donate a banca to many of the households because the pathways and streets in the community had become rivers just because of the treasure hunt.

It must be recalled that after this find, Gregorio Honasan and Sen. Enrile even more heightened their threats to unseat her from power.

Now it is Cory, with her relatives, friends and loved ones and lovers — both dead and living — (or families of this category) who are threatening the unseating of a sitting president.

Now it is Cory who is being complained about as a destabilizer.

Now it is Cory, despite her being labeled as laos na who is trying extremely hard to emplace herself once more (for the last time?) in the center stage of Philippine politics, as if she knows anything about politics in the first place. Her factotums, specially vassal Cory Juliano Soliman, is seen smiling a big smile of admiration for Her Highness, Lord of the Hacienda making a speech about useless inanities and then at the right cue, saying GMA RESIGN! ARROYO LIAR! GMA STEP DOWN!

Now it is Cory, the former and present perfect mahjongera who refused to be a normal working person, but who merely desired to spend the better part of her day playing with her amigas like the very, very decadent rich do, up to the wee hours of the morning who wants to be at the lead of the country. Why, she could not even perform the functions of state when she was president just because she was addicted to mah jong deep down to her very bones! Then she wants to be the one in power again? When the country needs people who work, who care, who truly love (specially the people, the masses) beyond simple objets d’ art and this country without any doubt needs leaders who know their politics and economics plainly well.

Now it is Cory, who Mrs. Imelda Marcos knows too well from her own husband, Sen. Aquino, to be the “liberated” female who wanted divorce and to live her own life outside of Ninoy’s world that was full of politics, politicking, horse trading and all that dirty stuff that politicians are supposedly made up of, who wants to dip her hands into Philippine politics and very seriously – together with her wanting friends, relatives, factotums, loved ones and lovers — both dead and living — because she and the communists, the Estrada lovers, and on and on have something to offer the country through the BLACK AND WHITE MOVEMENT, CODE NGO (she said in one campaign sortee, I am Corazon Aquino, I am NGO!!! to the resounding applause of her mangmang audience of fans), CITIZENS FOR TRUTH MOVEMENT, CITIZENS FOR TRUTH, RESIGNATION, IMPEACHMENT, OUSTER MOVEMENT, SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT, SAVE THE REPUBLIC MOVEMENT, YOUTH AWARE, YOUTH DARE, LABAN NG MASA, END POVERTY MOVEMENT, FREEDOM FROM DEBT COALITION, FPJ FOR PRESIDENT MOVEMENT, MOVEMENT OF THE MASSES AGAINST HUNGER (KMLG), EDSA III COMMISSION, AKTIB, FILIPINISM, KAAKBAY, BE NOT AFRAID MOVEMENT (OF MISS PING LACSON, NOW A BEST FRIEND OF CORY), GLORIA STEP DOWN MOVEMENT, WHITE BAND MOVEMENT, TEXT POWER MOVEMENT (VS. GLORIA), and all other sorts of other movements (side ways, front ways, back ways and wherever ways).

Now it is Cory, who considered the military her scourge, who because of her hatred for them and her identification of these public sector components with Marcos, cut the military budget, killed intelligence efforts, chip-chopped the budget of the intelligence community into little pieces and placed them in her discretion, curtailed money for the police service and took away any funds for immigration and the NBI that would make them efficient — now it is her who is saying that as "former Commander-in-Chief" she is not lacking in friends who she can "talk to" (meaning recruit into the destabilization campaign against government). Indeed! Indeed!

Cory is without any doubt, definitely calluous, shameless and greedy, vengeful and yet an ignoramus. Which makes her doubly or even much more dangerous.

It is of no object if Cory even melds her ugly head with those of the terrorist groups now sowing fear and uncertainty in some parts of the country and most definitely as we see in the media, in many parts of the world, including Chechniya, the United States, United Kingdom and Spain.

The hundred million dollar question therefore is: Should we trust Cory?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...

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