Friday, September 23, 2005


The Stupidest Thing

The time for waiting is over. President Arroyo finally declared that she is tired of the destabilizers. She is tired of "running after the bully in the school yard."

This is a good development. On the other hand, some of the officials in government are happy that Malacañang itself had finally come to accept the fact that when there are no permits, there should be no rallies. That when there are individuals in the rally groups that are criminals and have warrants of arrest, they should be arrested.

What did they do to the back-up intelligence support of the Philippine National Police - PNP who were present during a rally in Manila? They mauled the intelligence agents and took away their cameras and other personal belongings like wallets and ID wards and others. These people do not even recognize that once there are infiltrators among their ranks, they are no longer safe? Now they are complaining "MARTIAL LAW!" "MARTIAL LAW!" "MARTIAL LAW!" They say that their rights are being curtailed.

“GMA should be shot and hanged.”

Elenita Dano a/k/a Neth
former head of SEARICE
Organizer-Leader, Destabilization Forces
Group of Corason Soliman a/k/a Denky

But if their leaders did not plot to introduce violent skirmishes and even the death of their own rallyists, if the rallyists themselves have adequately functioning mental faculties to tolerate police presence and intelligence support looking out for possible terrorists and other sorts of trouble makers, if they are looking for reddress for authentic problems of society instead of parroting their leaders' sham rhetorics, ideological propaganda, lies and mimicking their leaders' tantrums, among many other reasons, if the rallyists are there on the streets for a real reason that they themselves can feel and identify with, and most of all if the people from the squatter areas, filthy with the dirt of their surroundings are made to go to the rallies following a dress code (meaning the leaders should first bathe and clothe them before deploying them at Ayala), etc., etc. perhaps these rallies could be considered to be reasonable plaints.

But the opposite is happening. And they leave too much waste and garbage on the streets of the nation's local and multinational financial district. They make too much noise pollution with their useless and inane repetitions of their idiotic propaganda that they themselves wholeheartedly and mindlessly believe. The present crop of destabilizers are a stupid lot. And what they are doing has become doubly criminal because the country is affected by the world's current crises.

But that they do not realize, because they are too dense and cannot admit the facts as they are even to themselves. In the event of a Katrina and Rita in the country, they ought to be the first casualties.

After all, one of them, Elenita Dano a/k/a Nene, from the group of Corason Soliman a/k/a Denky declared that GMA "should be shot and hanged."

Imagine if that instead will be what government and the citizens who are against destabilization will do to them for the notorious acts they have been doing to bring down the economy of the country? And for spying on the President and even a foreign country like the United States? Watch out.

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