Sunday, September 18, 2005


Intelligence Sharing

Perhaps the Philippine Government sorely misses the point that the argument against the destabilization forces' claim that the United States is spying on the country is simply, that U.S. and R.P. are actively engaged in intelligence sharing.

Again, this shows how ignoramus the personalities involved in destabilization can be. It is a lack of appreciation for the building of combines (ASEAN, ASEAN Regional Forum, or even UN, etc.).

Certainly, there are ways whereby the U.S. might surreptitiously obtain data about the Philippines and deliberately leave out R.P.'s officials in the distribution process. Yet even this ought not to be construed as espionage.

The determination of cases of espionage sometimes even borders on the subjective. When the U.S. for instance cannot get information from Israel, they can simply stop the gathering of data by American Jews inside or outside the government by invoking the rules and regulations governing handling of secret information.

In the case therefore of Aragoncillo and Aquino, there is definitely no element of benign intelligence sharing involved that would be favorable to the U.S.

None of the informations both parties are dealing with, are likewise not favorable to the Philippines.

Unless and until the destabilization group elements stop their wholly erroneous and inadequate commentaries against the filing by the FBI of cases against Leandro Aragoncillo and Michael Ray Aquino, they are simply making complete idiots and fools of themselves.

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