Monday, September 12, 2005


Treachery vs. a kind host

And all the while, people thought that the fellow considered a favorite beau of the supposed intelligence master of the destabilization forces in the Philippines was just studying "nursing" to become an "ordinary nurse" and earn an "ordinary income" alongside Filipino doctors and nurses now working for a living in the U.S. So that "nursing-nursing" thing was just a ploy. Hmmm....

Lacson still getting info on ex-aide's arrest
First posted 09:57am (Mla time) Sept 13, 2005
By TJ Burgonio
Inquirer News Service

SENATOR Panfilo Lacson on Tuesday said he was still getting information on the reported arrest of his former aide, ex-police official Michael Ray Aquino.

"I'm still gathering sufficient info on the report. I'm trying to contact his wife," Lason said in a mobile phone text message to Inquirer News Service when asked for his reaction to Aquino's arrest.

The National Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that Aquino was arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in New York during the weekend for espionage. An FBI intelligence analyst, Leandro Aragoncillo, who was allegedly passing on classified information about the Philippines to Aquino was also arrested.


Spy for Destabilization Unmasked

Ex-Lacson aide nabbed in US for espionage
First posted 09:53am (Mla time) Sept 13, 2005
By Margaux Ortiz
Inquirer News Service

MICHAEL Ray Aquino, a former police official and aide of then police chief Panfilo Lacson, was arrested during the wekend in New York for espionage, a National Bureau of Investigation official confirmed on Tuesday.

NBI Interpol chief Ricardo Diaz said a Federal Bureau of Investigation intelligence analyst, Leandro Aragoncillo, was also arrested for downloading documents on the Philippines, several of which were classified secret. Diaz said the documents were passed on to Aquino electronically.

He said Aragoncillo, who is of Filipino descent, works at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey.

Aquino is based in New York.

This is not the first time. And this is definitely not going to be the last. Their allies worming themselves into the vital systems are slowly being decimated. A trio had already been washed out, the last one being declared persona non grata. That was for going all-out to help them, being their co-conspirators, partners-in-crime. It is not yet known if there are more in the same niche where the trio had been discovered and kicked out by the Americans. Ever heard of the offer of a U.S. Visa being offered to those being forced to join the destabilization of the Philippines? Hmmm..... There might be some more kicking ass soon.

And sooner than they expect, they will start feeling the really heavy brunt of the natural opposite reaction against the bad karma they have been sowing in the environment.

There will be hell when the British, the Australians and the rest of the lot will follow. There will be hell. For the destabilizers.

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