Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Haydee Godspeed!

Atty. Haydee Yorac

Tribute to an Icon

She was a Basement Person (U.P. Basement Crowd) during her time in the University of the Philippines.

It was the hang out of UP intellectuals of that period. The rennaissance, the Golden Years of UP.

Haydee Yorac was a compleat intellectual.

She and Jose Ma. Sison were both firebrands. But Sison always deferred to what Haydee would say. The times that Sison wanted to speak for himself without taking to stock what others think, and would sound the way he does until now, Yorac would laugh at Joma. On many occasions Haydee accused Joma of being insensible, a plagiarist and full of random musings that he desperately wanted to pass off as ideas.

Haydee lectured Joma in more than the times he argued erroneously about Marxism. It came to a point that Joma avoided Haydee, either because Haydee could no longer stomach him or he could never convince the lady with his nonsensical, plagiarized pseudo ideas.

It would be heavenly for Haydee to think that someday many of Haydee's people in UP will follow in her steps instead of wallowing in the quagmire of Joma's wrongful thinking.

Then perhaps, the student population of UP will do the country proud for sending them to school with the people's money. As they did Haydee. And in turn, as Haydee did them proud.

A lot of nonsense could be very dangerous for the welfare of the nation. It all adds up to criminal, terroristic destabilization. Haydee never have wanted any of that.

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