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Chief Espionage Department vs U.S.

The Chief of Intelligence of the Great Powers -- The Destabilization Forces of the Philippines


This man is dangerous. He is armed with enormous amounts of information. Before you will ever know it, he will sell you to the highest bidder. Some of the information in his purse can kill.


The Syndicated Criminals



Tale of Two Widows (The Despicables)

The Tale of Two Widows

One Swallowed a bird
Another hit two birds


Counter Attack






The Citizens Against Rebellion-Destabilization
and Terrorism (CARET)

The Communist Party of the Philippines/New People's Army/National Democratic Front of the Philippines (CPP/NPA/NDFP) a distinctly categorized foreign terrorist organization (FTO) had established together with the supporters of ex-President Jose Marcelo Ejercito a/k/a Joseph Estrada and of Ronald Allan Kelly Poe a/k/a Fernando Poe, Jr. groups, the BAKLASIN SI ARROYO! (from Malacañang) Movement.

Aside from this, it had organized the YOUTH ALLIANCE WORKING FOR THE REMOVAL OF ARROYO! (YOUTH AWARE) and changed its name into the YOUTH DEMANDING THE REMOVAL OF ARROYO! (YOUTH DARE) and this began four months ago from today.

A host of other regional groups were organized by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its units (legal and underground). All were geared to the removal of President Gloria Arroyo of the Head of State of the Republic of the Philippines. At the back of all these, CPP leaders, notably Jose Ma. Sison himself, the supposed Chairman of the Central Committee of the CPP have been continuously and without relent, exhorting its officers and personnel to launch violent, inhuman armed attacks against the government elements --- leading to the death of hundreds of public servants and innocents as well.

After the death of a/k/a Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ), and prior to the resignation of Mrs. Corazon Aquino's factotum Mrs. Corazon Juliano Soliman a/k/a Dinky and company, together with a mix of extreme Rightists and business sector representatives in the Cabinet, the group of Mrs. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino a/k/a Cory, had bravely and without any regard for the mourning period for a/k/a Fernando Poe, Jr.'s death, came up with a scenario wherein they will be able to recruit Mrs. Jesusa Sonora Poe a/k/a Susan Roces clandestinely into a highly secretive scheme to topple President Gloria Arroyo and replace her with Vice President Emmanuel De Castro.

The shameless Mrs. Aquino and company, were confident that they could win over Mrs. Jesusa Poe into their side. And they succeeded. Mrs. Poe is now on their side and Mrs. Soliman a/k/a Dinky appears to be a conscientious watch dog, always staying by the side of Mrs. Poe.

The deal with Mrs. Aquino appears contrary to the original condition set by the late Ronald Poe to the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (Philippine Democratic Struggle) Political Party. The late Mr. Poe in 2002, demanded that the political party that he would lead will avoid protests, demonstrations, destabilization, rebellion since as he recognized, the country was already in a bad state due to the effects of recessions happening inside and outside the nation.

In the same secret pact Mrs. Poe will be made a leading figure of supposed "mass protest activities," destabilization actions and possibly even extra-legal and potentially terroristic moves against the state. It fully goes against the grain of the late Mr. Poe's conditions to those who recruited him in 2002 to be the Presidential Standard Bearer of the opposition to candidate President-incumbent Gloria Arroyo.

The new allies of Mrs. Poe who were beneficiaries of Estrada, have the following supposed groups "rallying" against President Arroyo:

The Cory Aquino Group (CAG) have subsequently been forming the following organizations:

Being that they have opposed the succession to the Presidency of Vice President De Castro, CPP also formed the the WHITE RIBBON MOVEMENT wherein they will be secretly joining with all other sectors that are tolerant of the possibility that Mr. De Castro will be installed as the new President once Mrs. Arroyo is ousted from office. The CPP saw the opportunism of the a/k/a Cory Aquino Group (CAG) that they were pushing for Mr. De Castro to become President while they were prepared to install Senate President Franklin M. Drilon a/k/a Frank as President after they remove Mr. De Castro.

To the communists, a Drilon Presidency might still be acceptable.

In all of these, the political opposition led by Sen. Panfilo Lacson a/k/a Ping, Francisco Escudero a/k/a Cheese, among all the other personalities outside of the ruling administration party, the Philippine communists, the Cory Aquino Group (CAG), and the others, have been involved in a series of destabilization moves on top of the past destabilization forces’ actions such as the May 1, 2001 Siege of Malacañang, the previous attempts at coups d’etat, coups d’ grace, military putsches and even, at certain points in the past, the plot to assassinate Mrs. Arroyo.

The very supporters of the late Mr. Poe, even claimed in January this year (2005), that they were responsible for the terrorist act of firebombing an OB VAN of the television network, ABS-CBN at Mandaluyong City.

Included in all these destabilization activities were letting loose, at least seven hundred or possibly more hardened criminals who were either just out of jail for jumping bail, or else have not yet been arrested and therefore are fugitives from the law, and other forms of criminal elements to conduct the following:

The group of Mrs. Aquino wrote that the pro-government congressmen murdered the Impeachment Case vs. Mrs. Arroyo. But that this much-vaunted "murder" will haunt Mrs. Arroyo out of Malacañang.

The CAG people and CPP, the political opposition, supposedly made a Show of Force and complete contempt against the government ostensibly by walking out of Congress on August 30, 2005. They did it because the majority bloc in the House of Representatives “buried the truth about the allegations of corruption and cheating against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.”

The supposedly weak-lined stomachs of the destabilization forces made them collectively “(retch) in utter disgust against this murderous act of suppressing the truth.”

Elements of the forces of destabilization claim: “How can they dismiss the fact that Mrs. Arroyo tried to influence the outcome of last year's elections when she herself admitted that she called an election official? We all know that it was Garcillano whom she talked to over the phone. We all heard her saying the words ‘yung dagdag, yung dagdag.’

“We are appalled by the brazen use of power by the Arroyo administration in perverting this democratic process enshrined in our Constitution. We certainly question the statement of Malacañang that it did not to try influence the outcome of the hearing when Presidential Adviser Gabriel Claudio was seen inside the halls of Congress huddling with Speaker Jose De Venecia and Majority Floor Leader Prospero Nograles yesterday afternoon. Other Palace lieutenants were also sighted in Congress such PCGG Chair Camilo Sabio. The Palace obviously used all its powers to subvert the truth.

“We condemn the pro-administration's railroading of the impeachment process. It was an overkill. Clearly, the rule of law, a phrase they regularly invoke, was not observed in the last two days when they tried to muzzle the truth that their patron, Mrs. Arroyo, was elected into office under very dubious circumstances.We call on the minority legislators to remain courageous and steadfast against pressures from an illegal and immoral regime.

“We also appeal to other decent and principled lawmakers to sign the amended impeachment complaint so that it can be automatically transmitted to the Senate.

We also urge the Filipino people to continue to hold on to their dreams of a better and honest government by being vigilant. Let us all go to the House of Representatives on Monday, September 05, and show this administration that we are aghast by the slaying of the truth. Yes, the impeachment process might be dead at this stage but we believe that the dead always has a way of haunting us back. And it will haunt Mrs. Arroyo out of the Palace soon.

The problem with the destabilization forces elements is that their strategies and tactics are transparent and reveal their desire to take over power using extra-legal and unconstitutional means, not excluding the murder of Mrs. Arroyo.

These very same people have no decency nor minimum ethics and the barest proper deportment that they have resorted to the use of sentiment baiting, appeals to emotions, irrational exercise or over abuse of the rights granted them in a democracy.

The supposed evidence they have against the incumbent highest official of the land, the President of the Republic of the Philippines does not exist.

In consequence, they are and have trying very hard to discredit, demonize, to disinform, delegitimize, destabilize the Republic of the Philippines in order to achieve their purpose of grabbing power in the state.

In answer to their notorious actions and illegitimate moves, we, the Citizens of the Philippines vehemently denounce these DESTABILIZERS, REBELS, TERRORISTS in our midsts.



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