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Denky Soliman

Meet the Real Corason's Corason

I. The Lady, The Missing NGO Funds and the Burning Ayala Alabang Mansion

Ms. Corason Juliano affectionately called Dinky by her friends, is the daughter of KA LEONILO JULIANO, the capataz of Hacienda Luisita. KA JULIANO, Ms. Soliman's father, answered only to the owners by the family of Corason "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino and he was loyal to them. That was how he got his job in the first place.

Ms. Soliman however tried to re-invent herself and come up with a different package. Being the daughter of an instrument for oppressing the workers of the Hacienda Luisita, she will not own a hacienda and bleed the farmers but will come up with a means whereby later she will claim that whenever she descends upon peasants, they will look at her as a "God."

She joined the NGO community by becoming a "social worker." That began her disguise. She married Hector Soliman now called former Assistant Secretary or former Undersecretary Soliman. He used to be her ghost writer. The former Ms. Juliano herself can read but she does not know how to write.

Through the years she learned how to hire people that will write good proposals to rich funding institutions in the advanced countries like U.S., Europe -- particularly Germany and Belgium. She also enjoyed spending the money outside of what these were intended for.

Her finance officer had ticks on her NGO's bankbook and notations on very large, highly unusual, frequent withdrawals:

400,000 c/o Ma'am Dinky (Ms. Corason Soliman)
300,000 c/o Sir Hec (Mr. Hector Soliman)
500,000 c/o Ma'am Dinky (Ms. Corason Soliman)
200,000 c/o Sir Hec (Mr. Hector Soliman)
250,000 c/o Ma'am Dinky (Ms. Corason Soliman)
300,000 c/o Sir Hec (Mr. Hector Soliman)190,000 c/o Ma'am Dinky (Ms. Corason Soliman)
80,000 c/o Sir Hec (Mr. Hector Soliman)
100,000 c/o Ma'am Dinky (Ms. Corason Soliman)
600,000 c/o Sir Hec (Mr. Hector Soliman)
700,000 c/o Ma'am Dinky (Ms. Corason Soliman)
900,000 c/o Sir Hec (Mr. Hector Soliman)

and so on and so forth. And so she and husband, got a house in Ayala Alabang to be with the extremely rich in that posh village and be part of the elite, turning her back on her beginnings as the daughter of a peasant who learned to lick the Master's boots and become a trusted capataz. She and husband also acquired another house that was more subdued, inside the University of the Philippines Teachers' Village or thereabouts.

She and husband equipped both houses and they acquired several automobiles.

But in the process, they paid their employees low wages and provided only little for the real beneficiaries. At least these little things proved helpful. Every time Soliman went to the grassroots communities that were their milking cows, she was never scorned. She was looked up to as God. Her objective had been reached. So now, like her own father and her father's masters, the Cojuangcos that she was just as beholden to, she was also bleeding the farmers dry of their own blood, sweat and tears. But unlike the Cojuangcos that at times not seldom were hated more than they were loved by their peasant subjects, Soliman was looked up to now, as God.

She lived the life of the rich, she travelled and went to trainings again and again, ostensibly to enrich her knowledge of ways to bleed the poor further.

Then she became very good at tendering parties, social occasions for her old and new found amigas y amigos.

She found a life, she had built herself a niche among the upper class. She was no longer a peasant's daughter after all. She had arrived. The barrio lass from Tarlac, whose father licked asses of the Cojuangcos had arrived!

The problem with her and her husband's arrangements was that the European and other funders got wind of their shenanigans. When Soliman's house was about to be investigated, however, she burned it down in a jiffy and claimed to have "salvaged a few things" and transferred to their other "modest" house at the University of the Philippines vicinity. Trouble started brewing in her NGOs, as well. The staff of her NGO was complaining about her lifestyles of the rich-and-famous way of living while they were all suffering from poverty.

What was good with Soliman was that she kept some people close to the Catholic Church fat. She invoked the Church and God often. She often muses that she would not have been what she is now were it not for the “break” and the superb mentorship she received from the Church. She projected a personality and character of pure virtuousness and integrity, of reform and high progressiveness. She almost made you feel that the Church was the reason for her being what she is right now, an unbridled thief and incorrigibly corrupt creature.

Nevertheless, word spread all around the NGO community and she was not spared by her own detractors. Eventually she lashed back at them and admitted that she was using the NGO funds for peasant beneficiaries for her own private aggrandizement because everyone was doing it anyway! Others claimed to be working for the urban poor, but they stole the urban poor funding! Others, for rebel returnees, for migrant workers, etc., etc., but they were all also stealing their own beneficiaries' funds. Enemies of Soliman emerged left and right. Finally, some of her own enemies were able to reach the funders and got their attention.

II. No more AID from NGO donor agencies, Attack Government Funds

NGO donor agencies' funding for Soliman and her ilk, was cut off. Soliman (for peasants) and Art Ellson, another partner-in-crime of hers were subjected to humiliation by the funders when they brought policemen to her headquarters at Cubao, Quezon City and padlocked her offices there, and Ellson's, a condominium office, at Mandaluyong was also unceremoniously closed down in the same manner.Luckily, she had opened "new offices" for other "NGOs" in other places like the ones near Ateneo de Manila and another at Sikatuna Village. Like a real thief, she could think five times ahead of all of us.

Eventually, without any one to obtain the millions of "project funds" that sustained her and her husband's lifestyles, she determined to join the government. Later however, she will claim that she joined the government because of long-held principles. Perhaps principlies should be the correct term. She had been living a set of lies for a long time.Her father's master, Don Jose Cojuangco, Sr. had a daughter, who was the inutile wife of a Senator and who was almost like an invalid in her own household. She did not even have time to change from her own negligee and she would immediately be receiving her guests to play the chinese game of mah jong with them in her home’s gambling den.

When the Senator died however, she was immediately propelled into the presidency. Don Jose's Corason, also popularly called, Cory, would later give her namesake, Corason Soliman a break.When Soliman entered the government, first she was vomitted out instantly by the system since she proclaimed herself to be moral, of NGO fiber, with reformistic caliber, and virtuous. But she wanted to amass money all at once. The government bureaucracy was threatened by her voracious and rapacious appetite. Imagine Chairman Manoling Morato’s utter disgust when she propositioned Cory Aquino to divest the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO of its fund-giving function and concentrate only on selling tickets! He complained bitterly over the acts of Soliman.

Furthermore, the group of Soliman and her partners in the NGO rogue gallery bilked the agency of indebtedness of more than a hundred million for supposed “relending” projects to the poor and did not return the loans! And this was done with a group that purports to be solidly Catholic and “Church-based.”After Cory’s regime, she sort of laid low and her husband did the learning for both of them by also entering into the government service and remaining in his post, patiently learning the trades and opening, blazing trails for Corason Soliman.

But Soliman also tried to get other ideas from outside of the government.

Thus did Soliman learn how to mix the embezzlement of private volunteer organization money and government funds.

In the time of Fidel Ramos, Soliman and her allies including now National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, of the NGOs and the Social Democratic mold, were able to get into the government. However, they had some minor problems since Ramos and his people were also hungry for money. So they had little to steal. One of their people however managed to enter the Development Bank of the Philippines and found out how to steal from government financial institutions: Mr. Danilo Songco. (He now leads an anti-GMA group called Pagbabago @ Pilipinas after having robbed government together with Corason and others, P1,700,000,000 through the anomalous PEACe BONDS transaction.)

III. Using London's Money, Recovering London's Money

During the time of Ejercito, Soliman and her husband were at the end of their wits. They had no large fund source to obtain skim from. Their enemies within the NGO community were running the Department of Agrarian Reform. They were reduced to mere begging and cavorting with this and that group that all the more made them look shadier in reputation.

Raring to go back into power and to steal from the government, Soliman and her allies managed to access new funds from a European Catholic institution on capacity building.Using this money, they helped topple Jose Marcelo Ejercito also fondly known as ERAP or otherwise preferred to be called Joseph Estrada.

IV. Erap Gone, Camacho's Rescue

When the Ejercito Vice President, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was finally convinced by her (Soliman) and other persons (Cory Aquino, Soliman's Master, and several others) to run the country and Arroyo agreed, Ejercito was no sooner ousted from the presidency.Suddenly Soliman was again in the driver's seat. She was again a member of the elite, but this time with immense power and influence.Soliman wielded so much power in the Arroyo government that as some Cabinet members complain, she and her allies like Teresita Quintos Deles and Imelda Nicolas-Lewis, et al, could pull Arroyo into instant power meetings over several cups of coffee or tea, wherever and whenever they wanted.

To plug the holes about the missing money from London, Soliman and company, using a priest from Ateneo de Manila, put up a PEACE FOUNDATION. They used the bank Rizal Commercial and Banking Corporation --- the RCBC, to join them. Together with Arroyo's Secretary of Finance Department Isidro Camacho, they put up the PEACE BONDS deal that profited for their group One Billion and Seven Hundred Million Philippine Pesos (P1.7 B) at the beginning of the Arroyo government.

Soliman herself netted at the very least, P100,000,000. Ms. Teresita Deles, another P100,000,000. Ms. Marissa Camacho another P100,000,000, Ms. Imelda Nicolas-Lewis P100,000,000, Mr. Danilo Songco, also P100,000,000 (as mentioned above, he was appointed by ex-President Ejercito / Estrada to Development Bank of the Philippines but since he also "fought" with Soliman in the EDSA II, was retained by Arroyo until 2004 whereupon he became an Arroyo critic after his removal from the bank's Board), an Ateneo priest, receiving the bulk of the money through the PEACE FOUNDATION, INC. which he was made the chief officer of, and down the line.

The London funds were possibly returned with some deductions for the "seminars" and "meetings" held, unless the London sponsors had decided to make them hold on to the funds for future references.

V. Soliman: I am principled, I am moral, I stand for Truth, I am a people empowerment woman, etc. etc. …

Arroyo is corrupt, the people deserve more...These words are from a Corrupt and "Civil Society" Liar, Thief and Cold-Blooded Peasant Killer (because she eats fine cuisine food from out of money that would have been for farmers' projects that would never be properly started, and she buys expensive houses and automobiles as well while the peasants continue to stay as there are for decades, many of them just dying from sheer hunger).

She attributes her own "sacrifices" to the people. So that the people may have more. Because the people deserve more. That is hyfalutin bull. The very people she "committed" herself to serve, she had duped from the time she saw the glittering money of the NGO donor agencies and she and husband and her accomplices ran off with the funds, leaving the poor farmer beneficiaries staring blankly at nowhere.

When her husband learned the inner workings of obtaining funds for Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs), she plunged into the money for Agrarian Reform Communities and was able to steal none too small amounts from the till that their combined representatives in the Ramos Cabinet (including her own husband, Hector) were almost all swept away due to a succession of scandals that rocked the Department of Agrarian Reform.

Now Soliman is supposed to be a highly explosive witness serving the enemies of the Philippine Government that are plotting to make Arroyo Resign, be impeached or else, ousted like Ejercito a/k/a Erap. How far can her testimony go without the Senators on the side of the government not someday discovering her propensity to commit evil deeds for her own and her husband's and her associates' selfish, vested interests?

Is this not a ploy to make the extremely anomalous, plunderous P1.7-Billion worth PEACE BONDS deal forgotten by the people? By the masses? All of the Filipino people will be the ones to pay the entire sum of the PEACE BONDS once they become demandable in several years time. And yet none of us are ever even complaining about what evil Soliman and company have done to us?

Soliman blames Arroyo for being the cause of the country's miseries and troubles. Yet she fails to mention how much she had stolen from the time she began masguerading as a sincere NGO worker but behind the facade, she was really just her peasant-capataz father's grandly over ambitious daughter who wanted to live amongst the Ayala Alabang filthy rich and to be able to sustain her lifestyle at the expense of her own countrymen.

Granting that Arroyo is impeached and that suddenly, Soliman's new Master, Senate President Franklin Drilon will just suddenly become President, she must be given a new powerful Cabinet position. Possibly as Secretary of the entire Cabinet who will have access to a President Drilon of the future. The problem is if the Resign - impeach - oust movement will succeed and Drilon will ditch her. Or if the movement will fail and she will have nowhere else to steal money from. Or the people that she and her husband together with their accomplices have been using as fronts for stealing money from donor agencies and the government will suddenly realize what Soliman had been doing to them and they will take matters into their own hands.

Poor Corason. That would finally be the actualization of the bad karma that she'd been spreading around.

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